Belt-Way Plant Connect

Belt-Way Plant Connect

Plant Connect provides a quick and easy way to view your production data from anywhere.

Multiple sites and scales may be viewed from one location giving our customers instant and historical feedback as to the efficiencies of their facilities.

Plant Connect is a subscription service. A lease option, which eliminates all up front hardware and software costs is available to customers within the continental U.S.

When you sign up we simply send you the hardware needed for monitoring the processes you have selected. Alternatively, Plant Connect hardware may be purchased through the Belt-Way Distributor in your area who will install and activate your subscription*.  In less than a day, you will have access to your production processes from anywhere!

Production Data from your scales is sent to our Plant Connect hardware.  From there, the data is uploaded to our secure servers.  This is done either through your company’s internet access or through a cellular network.  If you use the cellular network connection option, we include this service so you don’t have to worry about managing multiple vendors.  We take care of that for you.  This also gives our customers a single point of contact should they have any questions or concerns.

Once the data is stored on our servers, all you have to do is visit your specific website www.customername.plant-connect.com and login with your password and secure username.  From there you have access to all of your production data and can generate reports showing any date range you like.  It is that easy!

*There will be an installation fee associated with installing the hardware.

Reports are generated to give our customers valuable information that they can use for production efficiency, equipment monitoring, proof of production to customers, and much more.  These reports are generated based on the date range you select using the date/time selection tool.


Plant connect report 2
Plant connect report 1

Once you have selected the exact range of data you would like to use, the rest is automatic.  The report is generated with one click of a button showing you all of the information in a clean printable .pdf format.

The data in the table of the report is also available for export into a .csv file.  This can be easily opened with Microsoft Excel.  From there, our customers can manipulate the data into whatever format they desire.


The Plant Connect system allows scale production date to be monitored remotely over the Internet.


Plant Connect is entirely Internet based. No local PC is required. Scale date isautomatically sent to a secureserverviavoradvann or cellular internet connection.


Plant Connect data is accessed from any Internet web browser. The system is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and other internet capable handheld devices. A secure username and password is required for access to the data.


The reports allow the user to quickly correct inefficient production and keep track of inventory levels to properly meet market demands.