Blade Mills

Blade Mills

Diamond supplies Trio® Blademills. They have a nominal feed size of 2-1/2” x 0”. Blade mills are normally used prior to a wet washing and screening process and operate at 0 to 4 degrees inclination.  All water and material is discharged together at the head end. The amount of water used in a blademill can be 25% to 30% less than the amount used in a coarse washer. The capacity and effectiveness of a blade mill is a function of retention time.

  • Gear reducers are capable of high reduction ratios to achieve low spiral speeds and high torque outputs
  • A head-end shaft to gearbox coupling insures proper shaft alignment
  • A flexible spider coupling protects the rotating shaft from thrust loads and gear reducer against vibrations
  • Lower end shaft coupling insures precise alignment and an easy method for removing the shaft for maintenance

  • Wet pre-condition by abrading granular materials > 65mm x 0mm
  • Applicable in Aggregate processing, Mining and Industrial Minerals beneficiation processes

Design ratings TBM3618 – 5590 Kg
TBM4420 – 8800 Kg
TTBM3618 – 10740 Kg
TTBM4420 – 15340 Kg
Size range/-dimensions TBM3618 – 928x5450mm
TBM4420 – 1118x6350mm
TTBM3618 – 928x5450mm
TTBM4420 – 1118x6350mm
Pressure class/-power rating TBM3618 – 40 HP / 30 Kw
TBM4420 – 50 HP / 37.5 Kw
TTBM3618 – 2 x 40 HP / 2 x 30 Kw
TTBM4420 – 2 x 50 HP/ 2 x 37 Kw