Linatex® Screen Media Products


Innovative screen materials designed to match your unique application. Linatex® screen media are compatible with a wide range of processing plants and are fitted as standard equipment on many leading systems across the globe.
Low total ownership cost

Long-term thinking and productivity are core concepts in our product designs. Our premium screen media products provide longevity, resulting in high productivity and low total ownership cost.

High performance, abrasion resistant materials

We create superior wear resistant screen media systems using high quality rubber, polyurethane or woven steel materials.

Customised media designs to suit unique screening applications

Design is critical to the performance of your screen media. With extensive experience and a wide range of products and material options to utilise, we have the expertise to evaluate your needs and provide cost effective and high performance solutions. Our extensive knowledge of wear performance compounds ensures that our products are built to last.

Service and field expertise

For half a century the screen media experts at Linatex (now Weir Minerals Linatex) have partnered with industry professionals to solve countless screening issues. We provide a range of solutions and field service to suit your unique needs.

Mining and minerals processing

Linatex® screen media products are used in some of the harshest and most demanding applications throughout the world. Our media designs and durable mounting systems are used in a wide range of minerals and metallurgical applications in basic metals production (copper, nickel, iron), precious metals and gems production (gold, silver, platinum, diamonds), and industrial minerals (coal, TiO2, potash, phosphates, frac sands).

Sand, gravel, crushed stone, and aggregates

Linatex® wire cloth screens are the foundation for a full line of innovative screen media solutions designed to service construction materials production processes. Side-tensioned media, bolted media and modular type media manufactured from rubber and polyurethane materials round out our product offering. From grizzly screens and dredging operations to fine sizing and dewatering screens for sand plants, Weir Minerals Linatex offers media solutions for every stage of materials screening.

Other industries

Linatex® screen media are applicable to other industries and we’re not afraid of a challenge. Drilling fluids reclamation, oil sands processing, steel mill processes, recycling screens and sugar beet processes are just a few examples of applications where we have applied innovation to deliver productivity improvements to our clients. We don’t just think outside the box, we redesign it to suit your needs.


Designed with tapered openings for reduced plugging and increased throughput, modular panels are matched to each application by our in-house engineering and mould design group.

Linatex® modular screen systems are available in rubber, urethane and wire cloth. Many combinations of tapered openings and panel sizes are available, any of which can be combined on the same deck to meet the exact needs of your application. Weir Minerals Linatex also offers modular panels in the type, size and fastening style to fit most competitor’s systems.


A breakthrough in screen media that allows for precision casting of new high performance Polyurethane compounds.

Snapdeck® Classic

A robust and pinless modular system that is easy to install and remove, offered in all Linatex® rubber and polyurethane materials.

Snapdeck® 2000

A modular screen system that provides an increased open area, pinless panel change out, and cost-efficiency, offered in all Linatex® rubber and polyurethane materials.

Bolt-Down Modular Panels

Heavy-duty panels with high open area that install with the versatility of a modular system.

  • Customised solutions to suit every application
  • High open area when needed – balanced with durability and performance.
  • Wide range of opening styles and problem solving designs.
  • Square, round or slotted.
  • Self-cleaning rubber.
  • Specialty openings.
  • Depending on the application, Linatex® polymer screens can last up to twenty times longer than wire cloth and up to ten times longer than perforated plate.
  • Various hardnesses and compounds to suit specific applications.
  • A variety of standard and custom-made screen configurations.
  • Customer branding and/or colour coding to ensure full and clear identification of apertures.
  • Supported by our experienced field representatives who provide on-site assessment and advice.

Open Cast Polyurethane Screens

Highly abrasion resistant screen materials for use in medium to fine aperture and specific wet-sizing applications.

Rubber Selection Screens

The right material for the right job, our knowledge of optimal material properties and the breadth of our rubber material offerings are highly regarded in the industry.

Side-tensioned Polymer Screens

Heavy duty side-tension screen surfaces are durable and flexible, allowing it to resist abrasion, corrosion, tearing, chipping and chunking.

Plate Backed Screens

Rubber plate backed screen surfaces designed for heavy impact or heaving load applications.


Using cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and new ideas, we produce wire cloth from among the most superior grades of steel, built precisely to your individual specifications. Our modern facilities and expertly-trained technicians ensure only the highest quality screen cloth is produced to meet your order requirements.

  • No oversized materials. By using precision trim of end wires to length not exceeding one half of the specified opening when two sections are mated, the junction point does not exceed the specified opening size.
  • Double crimp screen cloth is made with a shallow crimp wire in one direction and deep crimp wire in the other which reduces the chance of excessive stretch in the panel. This guarantees less flexing and uncontrolled vibration.
  • High quality steel materials available for strong abrasion resistance and long wear life.

Standard woven wire

Offered in both square weave and rectangular slotted openings in a complete range of diameters.


A specialty wire screen particularly effective in processing crushed stone, sand and gravel, and materials with high moisture content.


The high throughput screen built for long life, easy installation and maximum production. Inter-crimp or straight wire specialty long-slot wire screen for when it’s necessary to precisely match the machine’s support bars for maximum screen life and open area.


Designed to boost productivity by reducing costly time-consuming blinding, plugging and plugging problems. This hybrid-type screen is available in four different openings for maximum output. Moulded rubber strips hold high-strength wires in place, providing better screening action and greater open area.